Do active managers under perform due to career risk?

One of the frequently discussed topics linked to seemingly unstoppable growth of passive investing is why are active managers unable to beat their benchmarks. Often cited reason are fees – and they definitely matter! – but as a recent blog post from CFA institute claims, it’s not only that! Based on the research, high conviction […]

Spaarbelasting changes part 2

As more and more people start to notice that the headline of 440,000 euros being tax free comes with a cost to everyone who invests his savings, or at least does not keep them on his bank account, there are some interesting articles for example this one on Business Insider. The article goes through a […]

Why you need to watch American Factory

American Factory is a documentary published on Netflix about a week ago. There are many reasons that helped its success, being produced by Obamas helps. However, what you take from it is absolutely up to you, be it the difficult reality of workers in Ohio or what I’d say many people in the developed world […]

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